Saturday 14 April 2012

First harvests of some crops today

The excitement has been building up for a week now, have been checking almost daily.
But today we could wait no longer and cut the very first Asparagus spears.

Only 4 were long enough to cut, 4-6" is the recommended length. Had them in Risotto for dinner tonight, freshness at its best.

But, not only was the Asparagus ready, but the Rhubarb too.
For the last few weeks we have seen it getting bigger & bigger, but today we could have filled a carrier bag, but decided to pick just enough for a Rhubarb Crumble pie, to have with Sunday dinner.

This variety is 'Stockbridge Arrow' and very tasty too, as my wine made from last years crop will confirm.

The only other jobs to do today were, weeding between the Onions & Leeks with a Hoe and to earth up, for the first time, the Rocket 1st Early Potatoes, planted out almost a month ago as nearly all have broken through the soil. Better to cover the new shoots as over night temps can still be near zero.

So only a quick visit today, because one of our Chickens 'Betty' hasn't been well for the last few days, so took her to the Vet, who said she had a temperature, so gave her a jab to sort that out, but even now 8 hours later she is no better, so might not last the weekend. I know it's sad but she has had the best year of her life with us since release from battery farm last March & it's the least we could do to make it a happy life.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.


  1. Hi i thought you might like to see my award

  2. It's always nice to pick the first veg of the year. I keep thinking about establishing an Asparagus patch but still haven't gotten round to it yet. Your Rhubarb looks excellent, looks like a good year for it so far.

  3. Have just discovered your blog through luck rather than judgement - what a fantastic record you have! Will be checking back regularly - having just taken on my own allotment!