Sunday, 8 April 2012

Busy Easter weekend

Finished the Pond, so we could add the Tadpoles, just a bit of landscaping to do, to make it a bit wider & easier for Frogs & any wildlife that falls in to climb out.
Netting (held on with bricks) makes it safe at the moment.
We added a few
oxygenating plants to keep the water clear & of course to feed the Tadpoles.

The weather has been just right to get everything growing, warmer and a bit of rain too, not as much as we should have, but better than nothing.
As you can see the Rhubarb has shot up, not long now before we can gather the 1st harvest.
Beyond the Rhubarb, is the early Potato patch, today the Rocket (1st early) I counted 15 breaking through the soil crust.

The main job today was to plant out the main crop Potatoes 'Cara' that have been 'chitting' since 12th March, 72 of them.
Using the same method as before as for the early potatoes, except the spacing is larger.
Main crop seed potato's are placed in the bottom of a trench, watered with Comfrey Tea water, 15" (38cm) apart, with 30" (76cm) between each row/trench.
Again I am leaving out using Chicken Manure pellets, as I have been told they might cause 'Scab' so used Comfrey Tea water instead.
I have grown Cara a few times before and always found them to be a good cropper, with large size tubers, that are good for Roast, Boil, Fried & Jackets too.

So its been a busy weekend, checked on the Onions I planted out recently, from 108 planted 107 have survived.
Had a bonfire & burned all the weeds.
Sowed some flower seeds:
Cornflower - Blueball
Cornflower - White Sultans Bride

A nice surprise this weekend was how many Asparagus spears have shot up so quick, I counted 12, Stewart Purple said to be one of the best tasting, even raw in salads.
The one in this picture, about 4" tall already, will be ready for picking very soon, I have been told when it's 6" long.

Our day today was cut short, we took the Chickens again for a day out, but one was a bit un-settled & it started raining so only 3 hours work was done, enough as it seems.

So I hope you all had a lovely Easter day too.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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