Sunday 1 April 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy again!

Super Sunny April 1st
First job, to plant the Charlotte, 2nd early, potatoes that have been 'chitting' since 29th Jan. As you can see, they have nice short, dark green shoots, perfect and ready to plant.

If you look back 2 weeks the method is the same as when I planted the Rocket 1st earlies, but this time I have omitted using
Chicken manure pellets, a friend told me using them might cause scab, so as an experiment, I used Comfrey tea to water the
trench just before placing the t
ubers in.

Comfrey leaves can also be used fresh, simply tear them from the plant and place in the base of trenches to add a bit of goodness, not just for Potatoes but also Beans, Peas etc.

Other jobs done today:
Planted out Broad beans,
Cabbages & Calabrese started in the green house. Planted about 70 more Onions 'Fen Globe' in one of the raised beds.

The Asparagus 'Purple Stewart' is showing 5 spears now, more to come I bet.
The Rhubarb too is getting bigger, will be harvesting soon.

But the biggest job this week and completed today was the wildlife pond. If you remember, I started last weekend clearing a left alone patch.
Well I dug the hole & placed our old bath in it, then using pond liner, started to fill with water. Not using stored water on the plot, I filled 26 x 2ltr bottles with rain water from a barrel at home, but it barely half filled the pond! We have been given some Tadpoles & Frog Spawn, so when the pond water has warmed up will introduce them to their new pond.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.


  1. You've done a good days work there! Don't forget to put a slab or large rock in the pond so any critters who might fall in ie Hedgehogs can scramble out

  2. great it! No slugs for you if you get that pond going soon, best thing we did..

  3. Interesting - as ever. Be interested to hear if chicken manure pellets do cause scab. Never heard that before. Remember my mother using comfrey for hot poultices.
    Are migraines improved? Does Mrs allotment read historical fiction? Free download to Kindle from Amazon today and tomorrow.Fairlyden 1850 Scottish farming saga first of series of 4. Others not up yet.

  4. A good days work! Pond is looking fine-keep filling those bottles!

  5. We use Comfrey quite a bit too, but ours is only just re-emerging this year.

  6. Fab stuff! I've been meaning to dig a pond on my own plot too, but no idea what plants to put in it to keep the algae down - any ideas?

  7. Dear Neil, we didn't know much, so went to a local water garden center, they advised oxygenating plants, sold in small bunches, planted in small baskets in aquatic manure with small pebbles on top to weight it down. That's all I can say as that's what we have done.

  8. Sounds good! Will give that a bash, we have water garden centre near us.