Saturday 21 May 2011

Day 1 of a busy Weekend, Saturday

Despite the grey clouds, but a dry forecast we decided to visit the Allotment, well it is Saturday.

First job to water the Greenhouse, we have 3 Tomato, 2 Pepper & 2 Cucumber plants growing, here you can see one of the Cucumbers forming.

Next Job to check on the Potatoes, the 1st & 2nd earlies are still doing well and noticed two of the 'Rocket' are in flower, which means we can lift them soon, hopefully early June :)

Did a quick count of the mains 'Markies' (a new variety) and 70 out of 77 planted are showing. I also checked on the French Blue spuds and all 8 have come through, so cant
wait to try these for the 1st time.

Next Job: To weed the Onion Bed both Red and White, most have sprouted only a few out of over 300 sets I planted haven't shown yet.
Also planted more Dwarf French Beans, Sunflowers and other flowers too.

Tomorrow I plan to construct
a new frame & plant out the Mange Tout Peas, also construct 2 tall wigwams for climbing French (purple) Beans. So check out tomorrows Blog.
Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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