Sunday 8 May 2011

A day of Rain and Chickens invade

Despite the weather forecast of rain, rain, rain, we donned our waterproofs and headed off.
But actually we experienced more Sun than rain, so got on with some important jobs.

First I made 3 'Cane Wigwams' with weed stopping circle of cardboard at base, then planted up the Climbing French Beans 'Blue Lake' 24 of them!

Other job's done:
Water the greenhouse.
Earth up the 1st & 2nd early Potatoes.
Plant out some Kale (for us & the Chickens).
Harvest some Rhubarb.
Check on the Asparagus.
And do some weeding (obviously).

Chicken News:
We have started to let them out of their run for an hour or so a day, but only when we are around to keep an eye on them. Not because of our potted plants, but more to check they don't escape over the fence, but so far they haven't even tried, despite exercising their wings to get into tall planters etc.

Help there's a Chicken in the Kitchen!
On Friday we left the patio door open and one came into the house! Followed soon after by the others so at one point we had all 4 chickens in our house, this will be a hard habit to stop as when ever they are loose in the garden & we open the patio door they run towards it hoping to come inside, it's rather nice to think they are so confident and fully settled in now only 7 weeks since release from their battery existence.

We have had a total of 182 eggs so far, friends, neighbors & relatives have been helping us to eat them and they taste so good, far better than shop bought eggs, it's definitely because of all the greens and treats they get as well as their new laid (no pun intended) back lifestyle.
Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. We have to get as much done between the showers as we can too.My 4 hens knock at the patio door, I think they want to come into the house as they gaze through the glass at me!

  2. lol good to see the chickens are having fun! You'll be having them sit on your lap while you watch TV soon... ;)