Sunday 1 May 2011

Growing update

Everything is doing well & growing, in the Greenhouse we have Lettuce, Tomatoes, Peppers & Cucumber.

The barrow full of Muck I added last weekend must have helped :)

This shot looking from the shed end showing Greenhouse on left, with salad bed alongside, then right of Path the Asparagus bed, they have grown well and are 18"+ high and most are showing sign of flowering soon, so have settled in well, hope to harvest this time next year :)

The patch behind the Green house that already has Peas & Sweet peas, will be planted up with Beans & more Peas, as I have finished weeding.

In the photo above, if you 'click' on it a larger version will pop up and you might see a row of purple topped flowers at the end of the raised bed alongside the Greenhouse, this photo is a close up if the largest bloom.

They are Alliums and have such lovely structured flower heads.

The Potatoes are doing well, the 'Anyas' (nearest) have all come through, as have the 'Hunter', 'Charlotte' & 'Rocket'.
The 'Markies' I only planted last weekend haven't shown yet & I don't expect them to for at least 2 weeks.
A neighbor who went away to the continent for a few weeks gave me some seed potatoes called 'Bleue d'Artois' and an internet search told me it's an old French variety which is an early main crop Potato and yes they are Blue! Will report on my results later in the year.

Thanks for reading/returning. Look out for next update soon.

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