Monday 16 May 2011

A bit of rain and it all goes mad, chickens too

One day late due to a Christening yesterday, so no Sunday Allotmenting.

But went down there tonight to water the Greenhouse & harvest some weeds & greens for the Chickens.

Here is the Onion bed, over 300 sets planted both White & Red onions planted & doing well, most are growing.

We have had some strong winds over the last week or so, you can clearly see this effect on the Garlic which are all bending over in the same direction.
We are growing 2 types of small size (cant remember name, will check on next visit and update) and also Elephant Garlic.
The Leeks in foreground are doing well too.

Here you can see the Broad Beans, Peas & Sweet Peas.

They are all starting to get taller, the Peas were only planted out 2 weeks ago, the Broad Beans also 2-3 weeks.

So glad it's raining, most days for over a week now. It's a shame folks in the south haven't had much, in some areas non at all.

But most of all the Potatoes have benefited from the Rain, the 1st & 2nd earlies Anya, Charlotte, Rocket and Hunter have all come up and as you can see in the background have grown well.

The Main crop 'Markies' in the foreground, have now broken through 50 out of 77 planted. Did 1st earthing up on Saturday.
Cant wait to try this new variety.

Chicken News:
We have been letting the Chickens out into the garden for over a week now, they expect it. They have their favorite places to dust bathe, scratch & snooze.
Hetty has chosen this large planter, that we had spring bulbs in, as her dust bath and she loves covering herself with the compost. It's so nice to see them behaving naturally so soon after release from Battery Farm.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. Wow, your plot is looking fantastic at the moment. So much stuff on target! Well done. :)

    Love that chicken pic too, looks like one happy bird. :)