Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Blue Potatoes planted

A quick mid-week Blog, had planned to get my Rotovator out again today as I had weeded & manured the patch set aside for the Peas & Beans.

It was on Monday I spread the manure on the soil that had been manually weeded, so Rotovating was next.

Wouldn't normally use the Rotovator but as I had already removed most of the weeds roots and all, I knew it wouldn't be a problem.

This picture, looking through the Archway, is where we are growing Sweet Peas this year.

So after Rotovating I realised I had some Bleue d'Artois seed potatoes that my neighbor brought back from a trip to France and were ready to go in.
This heritage spud which has Blue skin & Purple/Blue flesh, is said to be a good cropper and has good resistance to common potato pests too.
It is recommended for pureed, steamed or fried as chips.
More info here:
(Sorry it's in French, translate if you cant read it)

I planted them 6" deep in a trench lined with Comfrey Leaves, 15" apart, then back filled.

It's a coincidence that the egg tray used to 'chit' them is blue too :) Will report on how we get on with them in due course.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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  1. Those spuds sound interesting. I love weird coloured veg! I wonder if they retain their colour when cooked?

    That arch is lovely too, I'd love something ornimental like that on my plot. :)