Sunday 7 April 2019

Super Sunday, D.I.Y day too

A quick walk around our plot: 

The Garlic doing well
The Onions, red & white, we put in last year and over wintered, are looking good.
Most of the Peas Jo started off in the greenhouse have come through, I watered them well as it's rather warm in there. 
The Gooseberry bush is in full leaf and buds, we expect a good crop this year. 
The apples also have lots of buds, so blossom to follow soon.
But the main job of the day was to erect a new fence at the front of our plot, just a simple frame & mesh construction suspended between fence posts, I think it looks great. 
Despite the rather grey looking sky it was a lovely day, a chilly morning but the sun came out in the afternoon. 

Oh & we have Tadpoles in our pond :)

Thanks for reading & returning Ian & Jo 

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