Sunday 14 April 2019

Planting time today

 Yes planting time. 
Jo started off a tray of Cauliflowers & some more Broad Beans at home. I have an egg tray full of 'chitted' spuds ready to go in.
Charlotte 2nd early potatoes, 'chitted' in a light but cool room by the window, this produces 1" (2.5cm) dark stubby shoots, which are perfect and ready for planting. 
I dug a trench about 8" (20cm) deep, added some well rotted manure and watered well, I then placed the chitted spuds along the bottom of the trench 12" (30cm) apart, then raked back the soil dug out and ridged up. 
While I was busy, Jo prepared this bed by adding some lime and digging it in well then she planted the Califlowers about 12" (30cm) apart and covered with netting so the birds cant peck them out!
Jo also added some more Broad Beans to this patch where there are some that we planted last winter.
So thats 3 rows of Charlotte potatoes, 10 in each, lets see how many we get in mid June ?
While I was clearing some wood I found this Moth, its wings have a wood pattern, isn't nature clever and wonderful.
It was a lovely day, still a bit chilly, but lovely when the sun came out from behind the clouds.
We spent 5 hours on our plot today, had a coffee break & lunch there, but got loads done. Even had a bonfire to burn all the weeds and rotten wood, the ash will be dug back into the soil.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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