Sunday 28 April 2019

Last Sunday in April, more spuds planted and lots done again.

More Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb picked, 4lb this time, 1st lot picked (with much shorter stalks) was only 1lb 10oz.

We had some of this, a rhubarb crumble, after dinner, yummy it was too.
 As the title states, got the Picasso main crop spuds in, 4 rows with 8 in each 15" apart. 
Just need to put Cara mains in soon too, planted the same way.
We've had 2-3 days of rain & 2 days of storm Hannah, luckily little damage, but the early spuds have grown more, due to the rain, so had to earth up both lots, Pentland Javelin & Foremost.
So while I was busy doing the spuds and earthing up, Jo got busy in the greenhouse and planted 3 Tomatoes....
....and 2 Cucumbers.

The upturned bottles has a drip feeder attached so we just fill them with water and it trickles into the soil, close to the roots.
Jo also planted more Beetroot alongside the Peas we put in last week. 

The Peas survived the storm and are looking good.
Jo planted a row of Runner Beans as the ground had been prepared earlier, with plenty of well rotted manure.
A triple row of Cosmos was planted, alongside the fruit cage. 
In the fruit cage both Red & Blackcurrants are showing signs of a good crop, the 
Raspberries now need tying up, as they prefer it that way.

Both The Apple & Damson also showing signs of fruit, although not in the cage. 
Today was better after the storm, even the sun came out around mid-day, so I did a bit of digging at the lane end. 
Last time I said 'see soon whats going here' and its taking shape, all I will say is, it will need a lot of soil shifted, needs 27 paving slabs, a new fence and gate too!
Also while leaving we saw a few Gooseberries forming on the bush, we saw a smallish Frog in the pond too, probably one from last year, nowhere near the size of the Frog who guarded the frog spawn earlier in the year.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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