Monday 22 April 2019

Easter Monday's 6 hours on the plot!

First the Rhubarb: 
'Stockbridge Arrow' it's growing well, all the Sun we have had doing its good, we pulled a few stalks earlier in the week and stewed them.
Quite a few of the spuds have broken through, so I earthed them up, Foremost, Pentland Javelin & even Charlotte. 

The far end of this patch was covered in tarpaulin, so we removed the cover & Jo dug it over ready for the Main crop Potatoes.
Jo planted some more Beetroot in this raised bed. 

Alongside Garlic, Spinach, Spring Onions & more Beetroot.
Most of my time was taken up clearing this area, ready for a new fence and...but check back to see what else appears here. 

I managed to fill 2 wheelbarrows with Nettle,  Ground Elder and many other roots, to burn.
I also set up a pea frame, with bamboo canes & netting, I put cardboad down the middle as its hard to weed when the Peas are fully grown. 
Jo planted the Peas, 3 types, that were started off at home in toilet roll tubes and cell trays. 
We put some netting over the Peas to stop the birds, especially Pigeons pecking them out!
So yes, 6 hours! 
But we got lots done, luckily where I was busy most it was in the shade.

On such a hot day, we had a bonfire! But had lots of weeds and rotten wood to burn.

We packed a pic-nic with a flask of coffee for lunch again, a good time for a sit down too.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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