Sunday, 28 June 2015

Busy, Busy on the plot with an aerial shot too!

Last weekend of June and we got a lot done too. 

Earthed up the Cara Potatoes again, using the draw hoe again. 

No show yet from the Kerrs Pink I planted only a week ago LoL
This patch with the Cauliflowers, Onions, Parsnips, Broad Beans, Shallots and Runner Beans is looking good, everything is growing fast. 

Except for the winter Onions that we will take up soon, then in the space left I will plant some Musselburgh Leeks.
In last weeks Blog video I tried to show the Gooseberries, but not very well. 
So here is a better shot of just one branch laden with fruit!

The Cox's Orange Pippin apples are still getting bigger, can't believe how many there are on this one tree. Our Cox's apples trees were a free offer from Copella Apple drinks, when the Apples are bigger I will photo again and send them a copy.
So when a space becomes available we fill it: 

Top left: Where the Rocket potatoes were dug up from, we planted 2 Patti Pan Squashes. 

Top right: In the Horse Manure bin, 3 Jack 'O' Lanterns Pumpkins.

Bottom: In the now empty cold frames, 4 Butternut Squashes.

Not a bad harvest too, so far this month we have picked over 12lb (5.5kg) of Strawberries a mix of Honeoye and Alice. 
About 6oz (170g) of Raspberries and a few pounds (1kg) of Rocket spuds too.
Another long awaited job was to edge the early potato bed (on the left) with recycled decking boards. 

And strimming the grass path, so getting ready for our Open Day in 4 weeks. 

I have done a aerial video of our plot too so please click the link below, it wasn't done today, so wont show the latest jobs done. I will do another soon though. 

Thanks for reading/watching/returning. Ian

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