Sunday, 5 July 2015

Busy harvesting & planting again, but rain stopped play!

As I have mentioned before, as soon as a patch is cleared we re-plant it.

So we lifted all the Winter Red Onions and planted 60 Musselburgh Leeks that we started off in a seed tray and as the rain came down I planted 24 more Leeks in the patch where the Garlic was. I think 84 will do for us LoL. 

So glad we now have Ladybirds, this one is on the Broad Beans and munching through the Black flies that are all over the Bean tips! 
I finally bought a new thermometer for the greenhouse, a digital min/max one too. 

So glad I did, as you can see the temp ranges over the last few days 15.8 c to 45.9 c (60.4 f to 114.6 f).

No wonder we have to water our Tomatoes & Peppers alot.
Harvest's this week  

Just a few more Strawberries and Raspberries. 
Our 1st Courgette and Peas.
Rainbow Chard and Borecale.
The 1st digging of Charlotte potatoes.
Rhubarb and Sweetpeas.

We also picked a large punnet of Gooseberries and made a pie for after dinner.

Was lovely with vanilla ice cream.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Looking wonderful courgettes are still no where near ready but it's a good year for strawberries:-)

    1. OMG yes we have picked pounds & pounds of Strawberries. I'm sure your Courgettes will catch up & be fruitful :)