Sunday, 7 June 2015

A grand day out, for us & our Hens!

Today was a lovely sunny day, so we set out early and got a lot done.

Weeded the Onion bed and around the Broad Beans.


Planted out Runner Beans that we started in root trainers at home, to climb up the permanent mesh. 
Another very productive raised bed. 
Mainly Garlic but in between the rows we have: 
and Rocket.  
Chicken News:
We decided it was time to introduce our Allotment to our Hens, so we put up some temporary netting around this weedy patch and let them loose on it and they loved it. 
We didn't hear a sound from them as they were so busy scratching around, eating weeds and bugs!
Another job done today, 2 cane wigwams, the near one has netting and Peas planted that we started off at home in root trainers. 

The far one has climbing French Beans that only needs twine wrapped around the canes for the beans to curl around.
Crop update: 

Cara Potatoes 53/68 now through. 

I see Peas in a pod. 

More Asparagus.


Our 1st Strawberry.
Wildlife/Bug Hotel update:
Now has 5 levels with 3 completed. 
The basement is a Hedgehog retreat. 
The 1st floor has logs for woodlice and beetles to live in. 
The 2nd floor has Straw for birds to take for nests & also a habitat for insects etc.
Almost time to go home and the Hens have had a lovely time. 

This won't be the only time, we hope to bring them down as often as possible, so they get used to the trip. 
Our Allotment site has an open day at the end of July and our Chickens are very popular with the visitors, so need them to be happy, as open day will be a long day for them.   
So as I said 'A grand day out' and it was, got lots done and glad we brought our Hens too. 

Still a bit to clear and lots of weeds to burn, but come 'open day' it will be tidy & neat LoL.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

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