Sunday, 14 June 2015

More planting & a bumper harvest too.

 On this patch, the one where we let the Chickens peck over last week, so we finished clearing the weeds, mostly Poppies but also a few rogue potatoes (see below). 
Then planted, Sweetcorn, dwarf French Beans & Red Kale.

Had to earth up the Cara Potatoes again, as the weather forecast said we might get frost!  
So using my draw hoe as it cuts the weeds and draws up the soil in one easy move.
We are so excited as this is the 1st year we will get a decent crop of Gooseberries, the bush has been in a couple of years, so has taken its time getting established, but its laden with fruit!
A bumper harvest today: 
and Potatoes, that were dug up while weeding! 
Was a lovely day got some more soil turned over & weeded, had a bonfire too. 

Love the Flag Iris around the pond, we have blue & yellow varieties, good cover for the frogs too.
Here are those Strawberries before picking, the Honeoye ones, are so sweet we had them after our dinner tonight, just with vanilla Ice Cream.

After fruiting we will cultivate the runners to re stock the tired beds in the fruit cage, to keep our Strawberries going.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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