Sunday 30 March 2014

Busy weekend, a very satisfied feeling.

On Saturday, I finished clearing this patch, by moving the Kale that was under the netting frame to another place, still under netting! 
The Cabbages are fine left on the right. I'm planting more spuds here, see below.
I've taken a photo of the Rhubarb again, you can see its getting bigger, we also got a Sweet Cecily (top of photo) which we found out is a good additive when cooking Rhubarb as it sweetens it.   
I've been clearing another corner of our plot, as we will need to make a parking space at the front of our plot, as some new tenants have taken plots on our lane & its becoming a bit of a traffic jam being a dead end. 
So lots of rotten wood needed burning, another collection of recycled timber I hoped to use one day, but 75% wasn't any good, but now its burnt the wood ash will make a good soil improver for most root crops & Cabbages etc. 
So here is the potato patch I prepared yesterday, I've planted 5 rows (55 seed spuds) of Sante (main crop), they have been 'chitting' since early Feb and ready to plant. So we get an earlier crop, I've still got Cara to plant next month, also Nadine & Charlotte (2nd earlies) to plant too.
So a very productive day (6 hours actually) and very satisfying too. 
Will return in the week to carry on clearing the corner, will need to make a new front fence & gate to accommodate the car space, so watch this space for news on that. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

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