Saturday, 5 April 2014

April Showers

My view from the shed while it's raining! But at least it was only one of many showers today. 

But things are growing well, spotted the first Asparagus spear poking through, wont be long now the others will follow.
We noticed the Frog spawn had disappeared and now we have thousands of Tadpoles all around the shallow edge of the pond, and a few on this Lily pad. 

Its great the Frogs returned to spawn in our little pond. 
The Rhubarb is getting bigger by the day, the mix of sunshine & rain lately will have helped, as it has for all crops. 

The Kale & Cabbages are so much bigger now too. 

Still no sign of the early Potatoes I put in on March 16th, but expect any day now I will see the first shoots poking through the soil.
The Cox's Orange Pippin apple trees we put in in 2011 have over wintered well and my pruning didn't do any harm, in fact I think it has helped. 

Just look at all the buds, we only got 1 apple last year, so hoping for a few more this year. 
I did a spot of digging and weeding over the week, to make room for more Potato planting, if you look on the old broken fence (to be replaced soon) you can see a Robin who has been visiting regularly and searching the dug over soil for grubs & worms. 
I'm sure there is a nest close by, as visits are about 5-10 mins apart. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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