Sunday 9 March 2014

Six hours and a lot done on the plot

Lots of work done today, as the sun was shining. 
First job was to put new felt on the shed roof as some had blown off in the Dec/Jan storms and the roof was leaking! 
Also wanted to make a cane store so I fixed a pallet to the shed, made dividers from waste wood so my canes can be stored in size order.

Started to give the shed a much needed fresh coat of stain, will need a second coat soon. 
Tidied it a bit inside too. But looking better anyway.
Got another old water header tank, (had been used in a school for storing garden equipment) so made it into another Strawberry Planter. Filled with our own compost & stocked with Strawberries from last years runners, so no cost to us at all.  
Managed to have a bonfire as we had lots of dry material to burn, in the foreground is my weed drying system, metal mesh on 2 breeze blocks, now ready for more weed drying!  
On arrival to our plot, first call was the pond and we got a lovely surprise, two lots of Frog Spawn.  
In the picture you can see a Frog guarding one of them. 
We are so excited as we will get Frogs again, looks like we will get loads :)
So as predicted it's been a lovely day and satisfied we got lots done including: 
Capped off two compost bins, to leave now for a year or two. Emptied all the compost from third bin (used in Strawberry planter) so we can start filling it up again and weeded the Asparagus bed, again.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Feels good doesn't, it when you make a little headway on the plot, must put some pics on my blog once I've done a bit more work on it....:-)

  2. You've managed to do a lot on your allotment! We had a good session today too- the sunshine really gives you energy to go on with!