Sunday, 2 March 2014

Much to do in March

The Broad Beans I put in the Greenhouse have survived & taken, it's certainly worth starting them off at home, in toilet roll tubes, to get a good root system. 
They will stay here until the space is needed for Tomatoes.
Anyway, my reason for going to my Allotment today, was to spread out some muck onto the patches where the Potatoes will be going.

So now that its been done I've used up half of the Horse manure I collected recently. 
Next job is to rotovate it to incorporate the manure ready for Spud planting
So while there I decided to see how the Carrots had overwintered, don't they look good and not a mark on them.
The fleece cover was in shreds after the storms, so that had to go in the bin. But as there is no risk of Carrot Root Fly damage at the moment the rest will be OK.
So glad I went down, the place was busy with activity, lots of plot holders doing maintenance, digging & cultivating. I guess they all knew it would be raining later and it did!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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