Sunday 6 October 2013

Summer in October ?

I had to pinch myself this morning, the sun was shining, it's warm, can it possibly be October?

First job to do, was to weed the Spring onions, after doing it I could only find 6 that had germinated, so along the string on the right I sowed another row of Lisbon Winter a hardy variety for winter growing. 
The Brassicas we planted out last week have taken well, I think the CD bird scarer's worked as none have been pecked out. 

The late Peas we sowed on the netting where the Mange Tout grew have already sprouted, a lot quicker than the Peas planted in Spring! The warm weather has helped all the late crops. 
The Buzzards were busy today circling over the Allotments, there were two taking advantage of the thermals, the occasional screech to let each other know of a potential prey.
Not a bad harvest again. I dug up some Potatoes too, 2/3 of a row of Valour (main crop) when weighed I was surprised at the result 25lb (11.3 Kg). As I planted 3 rows the estimated yield is 100lb (45.3 Kg). I also dug up 5.5 lb (2.5 Kg) of Charlotte (2nd early) will add up the totals when all dug up and let you all know.
So another lovely summers day, the plots looking good at the moment, we have been busy weeding, but one disappointment, the Ulster Classic spuds I planted a few months ago for Christmas harvesting, only 4 have come up, will have to watch the weather forecasts as Frost will badly affect them. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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