Sunday 20 October 2013

A quick lesson in Composting

My no-turn Compost recipe:
This is the 1st of three Compost bins we have.
In this photo are the Tomato stalks & leaves that I removed from the greenhouse, if you look close (if on a computer, click on the photo & and use ctrl+ to zoom in) you can see all the worms doing the hard work for me.
In this photo I have added kitchen waste collected over a few days, a good mix of veg cuttings, tea bags, coffee grounds, shredded paper, potato peelings & some fruit that had gone off. Never put cooked food or meat in your compost, it will only attract vermin! 
And its all topped off with straw & chicken poo from daily cleaning of the hen house, collected every day in a black sack, so breaking down is started. with this good mix of materials, the worms do all the hard work in mixing it all up. 
We add to the compost bin every week, it breaks down gently, so there is always room for more. We have a 3rd compost bin which we will start in January.
In this photo you can see the 2nd of the compost bins filled last year, we did the same as described above, we just left it to 'cook' and as you can see it has broken down into a lovely dark brown compost. It still has worms working on it. 
So despite the weather forecast of rain all day, the sun came out and I took my chance. At least I picked some greens for our Chickens: Kale, Spinach, Cabbage leaves & Dandelions too.   
And a few late Raspberries, nice mixed into a bowl of Porridge or just a handfull tossed into bowl of cereal like Cornflakes, makes them more tasty :)

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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