Sunday 13 October 2013

Just a harvest today

The Peppers in the Greenhouse are still ripening, we only picked the bottom left one as it was ready.

We still have a few 'Bell Peppers' that are ripening too (I feel a Pizza night looming).
The main reason for going to the plot today was to dig up some Potatoes for dinner tonight. I went a bit mad and dug up 3 'Picasso' plants, the yield as you can see is impressive and weighed 8lb (3.6kg) and a good mix of sizes, Roasties tonight, maybe Chips tomorrow & Mash or Baked later in the week.
Not a bad additional harvest of Courgette, the Pepper & autumn Raspberries.

The weather today has been a bit wet so didn't stay long today, just long enough to check over the crops planted in the week and they are doing fine. 
Just before leaving we picked up the last 2 Pumpkins (2 on the right) so here are the 4 we grew, as its gone colder there's no hope of them getting bigger as foliage has died off. But big enough to make soup from!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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