Thursday 10 October 2013

Autumn planting on the Plot

Another dry day, so good timing for some more planting.
But first a Bonfire as there were dry weeds etc to burn, that were in the way of where I needed to dig.

Here is where I will plant the Cabbages, that we started off at home. 
First I dug it over removing any weeds that survived the last bonfire, then firmed the soil by walking all over it, Brassicas prefer firm soil. Then I scattered a few scoops full of lime and dug that in too. Brassicas do well on limed soil, but it's better if the soil hadn't been manured the year before, if it had the lime effect would be reduced or even cancelled out. 
So on the larger patch of ground I planted 30 'Senshyu' white Onions & 30 'Red Winter' red Onions. These are Autumn planting Onions so will be fine over winter, 

Approx 8"/20cm apart, in rows also 8"/20cm between.
As you can see I have planted the Cabbages, in 3 rows 15"/40cm apart. Now under netting, to keep the birds off especially Pheasants that regularly raid our plot!  These also over winter well and will give us & our Chickens greens in the new year. I also planted about 15 Kale plants under netting, lovely in a Stir-Fry and our Chickens love it raw too.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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