Sunday 25 August 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend

Due to an other task that has kept me busy all week, only a quick trip to the Allotment was allowed today.

Here you can see the Peppers in the greenhouse, I have added a tape measure in the pic so you can see how long the biggest one is, they are supposed to turn Red before picking so could get even longer! (currently 8" long).

Still in the greenhouse, here are the Alicante Tomatoes, lovely and juicy sweet too. We have other varieties growing and have been harvesting them regularly, very nice in a sandwich, salad or on a Pizza :)
So we are at the end of August and the Rhubarb is still standing tall, you are not supposed to take any after the end of July, when it starts to die down, but as you can see its in full growth, another sign of the late growing season?
This year we tried a new veg 'Cucamelons' and here is the 1st proper harvest.
The description tells us they are similar in taste to Cucumber with a hint of citrus, each fruit is about the size of a large Grape and grow on long trailing vines similar to cucumbers. They taste as described too, nice just tossed in a salad.
Now that the Onions are fully dry, dried at home on a makeshift Onion drier (a clothes drying rack). I followed the instructions in the August copy of Kitchen Garden on how to string them up and they turned out fine. Stuttgarter White on left, Red Cross on the right.
The Sweetcorn is going from strength to strength still not ready to eat but wont be long, we planted two lots a few weeks apart so the ones in the foreground wont be ready for a while, the ones further back much sooner.

Sorry no end of month video, but as I said been rather busy this week. Planning to spend more time on the Allotment next week, so watch this space.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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  1. All looking good Ian I've been a tad busy this week but hot a bit done,could of done a bit more than I've done. My onions are doing ok just need to dry them out,rest of the plots doing ok.