Sunday 11 August 2013

Catchup weekend (part two) Sunday

Where I dug up the Onions yesterday I planned to plant some more Potatoes for winter harvesting. 
The variety I chose is 'Ulster Classic' it's an early variety but said to be a good all rounder, having fluffy flesh, so Boils, Bakes & does Chips so ideal for us. 
Can be planted early or late as in this case.
As it's an early variety, I planted the seed potatoes 12" apart in a trench, each trench 24" between. Before placing the tubers in the trench I watered it well with Comfrey Tea added and sprinkled some Chicken Pellet manure over the soil to be back filled. I planted 28 tubers (7 per trench) so hopefully will have New Potatoes for Xmas Dinner! 
But planting this late will mean an attack of Blight will be minimal, even non existent. 
Despite forecast of rain, there were a few showers in the morning, I risked it and was greeted with full sunshine, the Birds were in full song & the Bees buzzing, if you can see my up-cycled bottle windsock (click on the photo to see a large version)  you can see the wind was blowing though, but still warm enough for a t-shirt only (pants a must).

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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