Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend

Been planning this for a while, you might have spotted a stack of Pallets in some of my previous photos.
 Oh well, this weekend was dry & sunny so I decided to renew one of the old rotten pallet fences with a new taller pallet fence, first I nailed together 2 pallets to make a 7ft wide fence panel, then using a post hole auger, I dug 20" deep holes, as the pallets are 40" high, using salvaged 3"x3" timber for the posts, I managed to erect 3 7ft panels to give me over 21ft of new fence.  
The other job needed doing before it's too late was to plant the last of the main crop Spuds 'Picasso' that have been 'chitting' for ages.

Just as a reminder, Main crop spuds need to be in trenches 30" apart, each seed spud placed in the trench 15" between each. This gives them plenty of room to grow & swell.
So another blue sky day. 
The Blossom on the Cox's Apples is lovely to see, hope we get a few apples this year. 
Most of the early potatoes are through now, have earthed them up a few times now. Other crops are also doing well, Mange Tout Peas in the raised bed have grown so quick, also the Cabbages I put in a few weeks ago under the green netting cloche. Will be planting out more Leeks, Beetroot & sowing some Carrots soon.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Great job on the pallet fence.

  2. Managed to get my maincrops finished too this weekend. Still loads to catch up on though including a watering system for the new greenhouse.

  3. Were the Mange Tout the peas you were on about harvesting on Twitter the other day?

    1. Hi Paul, no Peas grown in the Greenhouse over winter, we do this most years as it uses space not normally grown in over winter.