Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Weekend jobs completed

Finally got the Rotovator out again, this patch is where the last of the Potatoes 'Picasso' main crop will go. I plan to plant them at the weekend. In the picture I have only gone over the soil once with the Rotovator, I filmed when I went over it for the 2nd time, only 6mins to turn over approx 20 sq mtrs! See my YouTube video below.
The other job that needed finishing was the new Strawberry beds, also finished the path, with good depth of wood chips. The variety of Strawberries I put in are a mix of Elsanta & Alice. 
Was so nice to see the sun again, which carried on into the evening.

Also when visiting the plot yesterday we spotted a Frog in the pond, I put in only last year. We didn't expect to see any so soon, so was lovely to see, it was quite big too.
Don't forget to check out my YouTube video:


Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. That soil looks really lovely. Everything is looking great there.