Sunday 19 May 2013

Planting Lettuce, Planting Runner Beans.

Was such a lovely day, after a miserable week weather wise.

Anyway, I weeded the Garlic bed then planted some Cos Lettuce between the rows as a catch crop.
Its now time to plant out the Runner Beans started of at home in Root Trainers.

First I dug out a deep trench along the base of the netting, put a couple of spade fulls of well rotted manure in and back filled. Then planted the Runner Bean seedlings now about 12" (30cm) tall. As Runner beans are a hungry plant the manure will certainly help to produce a good crop.
Did a bit more work on the new Strawberry beds, the path between the new raised beds & the Asparagus bed needed a serious weeding & de-grassing. I removed a barrow full of sieved soil too to get the level ready for a base of weed suppressing fabric then about 2" of wood chips. Makes a great path.
The other urgent job to do was strimming the central path and edges. As we dont have any utilities (water/electricity) on site, I have to use petrol powered tools. 

My McCulloch Strimmer is a very useful tool, I even lend it out to neighboring plot holders too. 
Not sure this photo shows the neater grass path, but I'm sure you will see the lovely blue sky, the day started out a bit grey but by lunch time the sun came out and it was lovely.

I also had another bonfire (in the incinerator bin)! 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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