Sunday 12 May 2013

Dodging the showers

 Arrived at our plot an hour or so before the rain, so managed to get a few crops in.

Here we have planted a row of Borecole the white stuff is crushed egg shells, I'm trying it out as a Slug and Snail barrier, they dont like crawling over sharp stuff!

If you have a lot of egg shells, like we do, here's how to easily crush them:
Put your cracked egg shells whole in a foil tray, pop in the oven any time its on, ideally when you are baking, when baked and dry, they crush easily.
I also dug over this patch, added some dried Lime, as all Brassicas prefer limed soil better than manure, also the soil needs firming down after the Lime is added. 
Then I planted some Cabbages that we had started at home. The netting tunnel is to stop birds pecking out the young plants!
Also started some Sweet Peas off at home and have planted them each side of the netting arch over the central path. 
Hopefully, as in other years, the Sweet Peas will grow up and over giving a lovely fragrant floral archway.
So as my title suggested, it was a rainy day, but we were lucky and managed to do all the above just before the rain started. 
Just got a little bit wet walking home, but we don't mind its only water. The early Potatoes, which were planted April 13th, are just breaking through the soil, I have already earthed them up once and they will need the rain as its been mostly dry since planting. Plus the rain barrels will be topped up.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Everything is looking much greener now we've had some rain. I use crushed egg shells too and I like your tip for crushing them, might try that:)

    1. Yes Margaret, everything it growing well now, I forgot to say wash your egg shells 1st :)