Sunday 13 May 2012

Another couple of hours done, ready for summer now.

 Had a lovely afternoon on the Allotment today.

Did some weeding, sowing, earthing up and a bonfire too.

I cut the grass at home and as someone suggested I used the cut grass to mulch the early Potatoes as overnight temps can still be as low as 3 degrees which means threat of frost! So as an experiment I did cover the emerging shoots of 'Charlotte' Spuds with the grass cuttings & the nitrogen in the grass will leach into the soil.  
Another job done was to make another fleece cloche, from blue 20mm water pipe cut into 2mtr lengths, pushed into the ground at 75cm intervals, then covered with fine fleece (you can see that in the above photo).
Have sown half of the 3mtr length cloche with 2 lots of Carrot seeds 'Paris Atlas' & 'Early Nantes' will let them get started then sow another succession crop in a few weeks to mature later in the year.
As the 'Cara' main crop spuds have started  breaking through I weeded the patch, then using my favorite hoe* for this job I earthed them up so the emerging shoots are protected from the low overnight temps we still have.
* It's my favorite hoe because you can do both jobs with it, cutting the weeds & drawing up the soil over the emerging shoots, all in one action too.   
So all in all a busy afternoon, the Chickens also came with us and pecked around, they are still in the fruit cage, even though all the fruit bushes are in full leaf and buds, no fruit setting just yet, so it was safe for the Chickens to have full use of the cage.
The Pond is still full of Tadpoles, some are quite big so expect them to grow legs & loose tails soon to become Froglets.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.


  1. isn't it just great to get out and get jobs done?
    I really ejoy productive days... hope you enjoyed yours... :-)

    1. Most certainly did, can't wait to get back :)