Sunday 7 March 2010

Lovely sunny day, time to get working.

Sorry I haven updated my blog as promised, but been busy on another project. But over the last 2 weeks I have been busy making raised beds for Strawberries in the fruit cage.

First I marked out the area and dug it over to remove roots & weeds. As Rhubarb had been growing there some rather large roots had to be removed.

I made the sides from 6" x 1" rough cut timber & the corner posts from 2" x 2" rough cut timber cut into 12" lengths. Treated with wood preserver (2 coats) for a long life. 'Rough Cut' timber is best because wood preserver soaks in better than 'planed' timber.
In between the be
ds I plan to dig out the soil to 5" deep and line with mulch fabric & fill with woodchips to make a path system. This will keep the weeds at bay.

Strawberries planted through 2 layers of weed suppressing fabric.

This raised bed only measures 30" x 48" and as you see contains 8 plants. You can even grow Strawberries in hanging baskets if short of space, try 'Tumbler' variety.

It was a lovely sunny day today after a frosty start and the birds were tweeting. It felt like spring was here already. Despite shady areas still a bit frozen on the surface.

Lots of c
rops have been started in the
greenhouse at home, so just waiting for the soil to warm up and threat of frost gone,
then all systems go for planting :)

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your comments or tweets.

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