Sunday, 28 March 2010

The signs of Spring, things are growing

Ooh I love this time of year when things start growing.

These are the Red Onions only put out last week (but started in modules in greenhouse first) and as you can see they are showing signs of growth already.

The Shallots, also only in since last w/e are growing well too.

But in the 'Fruit Cage' everything is showing signs for a good crop this year.

These Blackcurrants are budding well and we look forward to another bumper crop this year. All the manure placed around the base of each bush had paid off I think.

The Strawberries are growing well too. These new plants 'Alice' only planted a few weeks ago have taken well and should give us a good crop, watch this space.

Last but by no means least, our Rhubarb, split earlier in the year, is showing signs of life. These young shoots will grow miraculously into large thick stems with umbrella like leaves.
Already looking for new recipes because like previous years we will have lots to make things from.

Thanks for reading/returning, I look forward to your messages & any Rhubarb recipes you might have, thanks :)

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