Sunday 14 March 2010

Lovely day on plot today, lots done too.

It was a super sunny day today got loads done.

Planted approx 70 Onion sets.

Did some weeding too.

And planned another flower bed.

Biggest job was to finish Fruit cage paths, first I dug out the soil to about 5" depth between the beds.

Then I put weed suppressing fabric down, double thick, the bricks hold it in place whilst I finish putting all the fabric down.

The large wooden box (on left) is actually the well, I renovated it a few years ago & made the wooden top so nobody could fall in, as its top was originally at ground level.

Next I top up with wood chippings to a depth of 2" to 3", when the chippings flatten down I will top up as needed.

Also managed to plant up 2nd Strawberry bed, we now have about 48 Strawberry plants on our Allotment. Hope to make loads of Jam again this year.

Thanks for reading/returning, I look forward to reading your comments or Tweets.

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