Wednesday 17 March 2010

Another lovely day today and lots done.

Welcome to my 2nd mid week Blog.
A super sunny day today, much warmer too and what do I do?

Have a bonfire.

A neighbor asked if I could cut back the Laylandii tree a bit more as it was casting a shadow over their plot.

So I managed to remove some of the larger branches that were causing the shadow, but in less than 2 weeks the clocks go forward and the sun will be higher in the sky, hopefully casting less of a shadow.

So while burning the Laylandii cuttings I thought I would burn some more weeds & roots. Because we will be needing this patch soon and might be the last bonfire until Autumn.

But burning all that green matter did make a lot of smoke, but at least its all done now.

Thanks for reading/returning, I look forward to your comments or Tweets.

1 comment:

  1. Gosh, if we had a smokey fire like that, we would be hung, drawn and quatered!!
    You are lucky - we have very tight bonfire restrictions.