Tuesday 5 March 2019

Wet Sunday & Sunny Tuesday in March

It was going to be a wet day, so we started early, 9am in fact. This is the bed that we cleared & emptied last week
So I lined it with weed suppresant, double thick on the sides. 
It didn't rain so I carried on.
Then re-filled with the soil taken out, as many weeds & roots were removed as possible, but as we plan to re-plant with herbs there is no need to add anything, they prefer poorer soil. 
Still no rain at 11am, but it did start around 12, so I went home.
The Garlic I started off about 2 weeks ago, have done well, we put them outside in the day and put back in the greenhouse at night, soon we will leave them out all the time before planting in the ground.
The greenhouse, at home, is full of things started off, including the Garlic mentioned above, on the right is a box of cut and come again mixed salad leaves and are lovely.
Back on the plot, now its sunny again. 
I finished digging over the Potato patch, the earth under the blue tarpaulin can wait, hopefully the cover will slow the weeds down!
Rhubarb leaf finally, it really wont be long now, unless the cold spell we are told is imminent will slow it down again.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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  1. Its looking great, all your hard work is lay ng off, rool on the warmer weather 😊