Sunday, 24 March 2019

March almost over and we got lots done, again!

Jo got busy in the greenhouse planting 3 different lots of Peas, some in halved toilet roll tubes and some in cell trays.
On our arrival we noticed the Damson has lots of blossom on it already, only last week it was in bud.
The strawberries Jo planted out last week have taken and look healthy.
The Garlic I planted also has taken and put more growth on.
I made a new planter for the Strawberries in the fruit cage, so Jo got more new stock plants in, these are a late variety.
More Strawberries in the fruit cage, same as the ones in the new planter.
The Rhubarb is getting bigger, might be harvesting a few stalks soon, maybe for a crumble or wine?
Was a lovely sunny sunny day, a bit windy at times, but we got lots done. 
I cleared the front of our plot, as it needs a new fence and parking bay for car, found a few pallets that were a bit rotten so put them on the bonfire with the weeds, they burnt a treat!
Anyway after 5 hours we were shattered, despite having a coffee break and lunch, all the hard work was worth it.

We noticed that the Frog spawn in the pond had changed, from black dots to a comma shape, so wont be long before we get Tadpoles. 
No sign of the guarding Frogs either.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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