Sunday, 17 March 2019

A quick, but productive few hours :)

First job of the day was to put in the Garlic, as  its ready to plant. 
As they are starting to grow the 3rd leaf, its better to get them in.
6" apart in rows, 12" between each row.

Jo planted 2 lots of Strawberry plants now that the beds have been replenished with manure & the weeds removed. We bought new plants, early, mid & late varieties to give us a longer crop, May to October.
Jo started to restock the herb bed too, she sunk a long trough (along the left side) and put mint in it. 
Using a pot or trough this way prevents the mint from spreading & taking over the bed! 
Chives, Marjoram & Hisop were also planted.
We are so excited, we have frog spawn in our pond, we spotted at least 2 Frogs guarding it. 
We added some oxygenating plants to help keep the water clear & fresh. 
A marsh marigold was planted at the pond edge for the wildlife too.
The sky looked a bit grey & rain was forecast, so we tidied up and called it a day, at least we got a few things done. 

Little and often is best, while the weather is so up and down!
We also noticed loads of blossom buds on the Damson tree, so lets hope we get more than 1 fruit this year. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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