Sunday 19 October 2014

Windy on the plot

So only spent a couple of hours today, but managed a start on this raised bed, where the Dwarf French Beans were. 

At the far end are some Strawberries we initially put there temporarily, but they have rooted and sent out lots of runners, we plan to make this a permanent Strawberry patch now, yes another!
The autumn Raspberries still producing. 
I like to toss a hand full on my cereal at breakfast, but the pantry is full now with jars of Jam made this year & Wine too.
As the title says 'Windy on the plot' you can tell by the flag, weather reports did predict windspeed up to 70mph! 

The sky was looking grey too & rain clouds moved in quick, pushed along by the wind, so our day was cut short. 

In the foreground you can see my 'Truck' its been used alot since purchase & is very useful.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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