Sunday 7 July 2013

Hottest day of the year so far!

On the hottest day so far, we decided to do a bit of weeding, planting, burning & harvesting. 

Here you can see the first of the Tomatoes in the Greenhouse, it's only the size of a marble at the moment but will certainly get bigger & redder soon.
The Courgettes that we planted along the base of the Runner bean netting are looking healthy, they must have loved the manure I dug into the soil there. 
This one is the Round type, have grown them for a few years now.
As per usual we brought the Chickens with us today, it's important on hot days that Hens have some shade as they cant sweat, here you can see Flo enjoying scratching around the fruit cage, where there is plenty of shade under the fruit bushes. They left us a present too, watch the video and see.
I forgot to look at the thermometer in the Greenhouse, so not sure what temp it got up to, but we managed to put up a large patio type umbrella to give us some shade. Despite taking lots of cold drinks & a flask of Coffee, we got very thirsty over the 5 hours. But as you can see from the video we did get lots done!
Thanks for reading, returning and viewing. Ian

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