Sunday, 14 July 2013

Another very hot day on the Plot

Sister of Worzel. 
Sadly Worzel Junior's clothes had faded & were full of flies! So I had to give him/her new clothes, so decided to make a Mrs scarecrow this time.

So here is Wendy Worzel guarding our crops :)

Next week our Allotment site is having a family fun open day, so we have been tidying up the plot as lots of visitors are expected.
As usual we took the Chickens to the plot, they love their Sunday outing. 
All they do is scratch about the fruit cage, nicking the odd Raspberry or Blackcurrant! But we don't mind there are plenty to pick.
 Our Chickens will be on show next week at the Open Day so they had better be on their best behaviour. 
They love it so much down the Allotment and are happy to be there, again one laid an egg among the Raspberry canes this shows they trust the fruit cage to be safe. 

We hardly hear any noises from them they are so busy searching for bugs etc.
So as I said another hot day, a bit of a breeze though, but the weather forecast said it would stay dry for a while yet.

 Sadly the rain barrels have run dry, the well is very low too, so today as we were in the car (chicken transport) we also took 24 Ltrs of water (in 12 x 2Ltr bottles) just to water the important crops & to give the Chickens a drink!
So the most important jobs to do today: Finish the new path between raised beds, weeding & harvesting. As you can see here we did get a lot today: Broad Beans, Charlotte Potatoes, Kale, Lettuce, Mint, Raspberries, Strawberries, Loganberries, 2 Gooseberries & an EGG! Lots of Sweet Pea flowers too :)

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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