Sunday 28 July 2013

Day after the rain

It was nice coming to the Allotment today, the night before it rained and rained, so much so one of our empty rain butts was 3/4 full. 

Makes a change from having to carry water down to our plot. Luckily I have been given an Aquaroll, usually used for camping, but so useful as it holds 29 Ltrs (about 5 watering cans full).
We did quite a bit of harvesting today, I have done another end of month video, so you can see what I did today. 

But one of the jobs to do was to pick all the Redcurrants, as you can see they are ready & they will make plenty of Redcurrant Jelly. But can you guess how many we picked? Check out the video for the answer. 

So after an evening of constant rain, our day today was cut short by a thunder storm & yet more rain, I don't mind as it has been so dry for weeks and despite me carrying water down every evening I could only give a few plants, the most needy, the precious water. So was glad for some proper rain.

I will be away on holiday next week, so no Blog, will resume soon.
Thanks for reading & viewing. Ian 

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