Sunday, 8 August 2010

New Planting & still Harvesting

After a dull and damp week, today was a lovely sunny day, so we decided to plant some crops for autumn/winter.

This raised bed used to have Onions & Garlic in it, but now have been harvested & dried. So today planted Spinach, for a late crop.

This raised bed used to have Mange Tout Peas growing, but as they had finished, although we did get a fantastic crop this year, cleared it all away, all foliage in compost bin of course.
Have planted more Onions (seed) for winter growing.
But some Sunflowers have self-seeded so leaving them for the Birds & Bees.

This bed contains our late Rhubarb 'Victoria' the crowns were moved from another location earlier in the year, so haven't done so well but we expect to get a good crop next year.

Today's harvest included:

Not in picture:
Green & Purple Beans

and Flowers too.

So as I said today was a lovely sunny day, and things are still growing well, I was expecting to harvest some Sweetcorn today but it's still not ripe, you can tell by squeezing one of the kernels if clear liquid comes out its not ready, look for milky liquid which means its ready.

Thanks for reading/returning, look out for next update.

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