Sunday 15 August 2010

Clearing, Harvesting & still Planting

First, here is one of the many (5 counted so far) Toads we have on our Allotment, this one made its home in the Compost bin :)

I'm planning to make a pond over winter so hopefully we will have Frogs too. Both Frogs & Toads are partial to Slugs & Snails so we make a home for them and they repay by eating the pests, win, win.

One of the jobs to do today was to clear away the Broad Beans as they had finished, all foliage went into the Compost bin.
Then we limed the area and planted more Brassicas, Broccoli this time for a winter crop.

Dug up another half row of 1st earlies 'Charlotte' today (12.5 lb), this makes way for more winter crops.

We sowed some Pak Choi and planted out some Lettuce already started at home.

Todays Harvest:
Red Cabbage
Beans (Purple, Green & Runner)
Potatoes (Charlotte)
& Rhubarb (not in photo)
The Sunflower had fallen of the host plant which is currently at 10' 6" tall

So today was a busy one, lots of weeding done too, I need a Holiday.

So this is the last Blog for 2 weeks as we are off to Cornwall for a week, visiting the Eden Project & Lost Gardens of Heligan also many NT properties & gardens too.

Thanks for reading/returning, check out next up-date on (or after) Aug 29th. Ian.

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