Sunday, 29 August 2010

More harvesting & clearing up

We are back from our holiday, a week in Cornwall, a bit damp but we had a lovely time, visited Lost Gardens of Heligan & Eden Project, both well worth a visit if you can.

But on our return to the Allotment today I spotted a new visitor a baby Froglet.
(Thumb in shot to show scale)

Sweetcorn still producing, despite our Daughter looking after the plot while we were away, harvesting & watering, there was still lots to pick today, 6 more cobs.

Other crops harvested:
Beans (Runner & Purple climbing)
Potatoes (Cara & Charlottes)
Raspberries (Autumn croppers)

But I was most concerned about our main crop 'Cara' spuds, which are resistant to most diseases, but as the weather had been warm & damp I was expecting Blight.

All of the Halums (stem & leaves) had wilte

So I cut off all the Halums to ground level, these must be burnt not composted.
Then earthed up again so the tubers don't get too much light, which will make them go green and not edible.

But a test digging showed me that they were OK.
But I will leave the rest under soil, for a few weeks, to firm up the skins, then will dig them all up & store in hessian sacks in a cool/dark place to feed us over winter.

Thanks for reading/returning. Look out for next weeks up-date. Ian.

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  1. Looks like you have had a very good harvest and I am so glad your Cara's are well. I am going to dig mine up on return from my holiday mid Sept. I have Cara's, Desiree & Roosters.

    The mini frog is so cute! I found one in my micro pond a few weeks ago - a similar picture is on my blog.

    Hope you had a great time in Cornwall.