Sunday, 22 November 2020

Sunny November Sunday

As we arrived, just after a shower, we were greeted by this lovely rainbow. 
So I dug up 1.5 rows of King Edward potatoes, will weigh them when dry. There is still a row to dig up, hopefully for Christmas days feast :)
So while I was digging spuds, Jo lifted the last of the Jolent leeks, they look lovely. 

When we got home, Jo trimmed them, cleaned and chopped them up, then blanched them ready for freezing.

The winter Cauliflowers didn't do so well, but did produce these bite sized heads!
Jo cleared both Rhubarb beds & I put manure over all the crowns.
The Stockbride Arrow rhubarb got the same treatment, I split one of the large crowns and planted the piece in the centre.
Was a lovely morning, but as we returned home it started raining. So we timed that well, only stayed about 2.5 hours but was enough.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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