Saturday, 7 November 2020

October into November Harvests

More apples & Potatoes
And:  Raspberries, Beans, Parsnips & Carrots too.
Just in time for Haloween a few squashes & pumpkins, not for carving though.
A bumper harvest again.
We picked all the Borlotti beans a week or so ago, so after drying them, Jo shelled them all & bagged them up for freezing.
The last row of Maris Piper potatoes dug up today (7th Nov) not bad from a 10ft row.
More leeks, we get a nice long white part from earthing them up, so more of the root is below ground.
Another trug full of goodies. Including Rudbekia seed heads for saving the seed.
Wasn't too bad today so we did some clearing of beds and cane structures, the netting tunnels in the foreground still have brassicas, kale, sprouts & cauliflowers.
This harvest from a week or so ago, leeks, beetroot & apples.

Thanks for reading, returning. Ian & Jo.

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