Monday 27 January 2020

Another fine day for digging

 Jo & I decided to visit the plot today, so I carried on digging over this patch, where we have had a few bonfires, but grass had taken over in patches so had to dig it all out!
While I was busy, Jo carried on digging over this patch where the Comfrey and two Strawberry beds are. 
We plan to dig it all out and start again, as its never produced much. So keep checking back to see what we do here.
All that digging has made a pile of roots, as well as the grass, it's mainly Ground Elder & Nettle roots! 
So leaving it raised up on a pallet to dry out so we can burn it & return the ash to the soil.
But during our lunch break, I noticed one of our nest boxes that hasn't be visited for a while needed investigating. 
So I looked inside and found a Wasp Nest that had been abandoned, but what a structure and so clever of it, as its made of paper and so light.
So all in all a very productive day, a very satisfying feeling that we have made a good start on this years plans.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo


  1. Just a thought, but an alternative to drying and burning all those weed roots might be to rot them down in a large container of water for a good few months (maybe even a year). Once they're properly decomposed, you can add the mess back into your compost heap, recycling nutrients without releasing all that CO2 into the atmosphere. There's more info on anaerobic composting here, if you're interested: :)

    1. Thanks Darren, I will consider that idea, we do have a large container of water on site.

    2. Hi Darren, as you suggested I'm stopping burning the weeds, but no space or time to wait for breaking down in water. So instead we now take to our local re-cycling centre where they take garden waste and make compost from it.