Sunday 23 February 2020

February update

Signs of life. 
The Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb, the 1st leaf emerging from a bud. 
Also the Shallots & Elephant Garlic are looking good.
We've finished digging over this patch, where we had 2 Strawberry beds and an Asparagus patch, the Comfrey was here too, but was over run with ground elder & nettles, so had to be dug out! 
So keep checking back to see what we do with this area.
We harvested the last of the Kale tips, washed it in salt water (to remove any bugs) took out the stalks and chopped up ready for the freezer. It will be good for stir-fry's & to make Pesto. 
We gave the rest to our neighbor who has chickens, they will love it.
Got my spuds, so 'chitting' them. 
Charlotte, 2nd early. 
Picasso, main crop. 
Maris Piper, main crop. 
And some International Kidney aka Jersey Royals, 1st early.
Luckily our greenhouse survived both Ciera & Dennis storms. 
But sadly the fruit cage didn't, its now 11yrs since I built it, so it's comming down!
So all in all we've managed to get down in between the wind & rain, need to get the plot ready for spring planting. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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