Sunday 10 April 2016

April sunshine at last

This patch needed weeding and digging over. 

So I started top right:
Worked down the right side and across. 

Then I stopped for lunch:

After lunch I continued, so 2/3 now done, will finish it next time.

I did stay on my plot for 6 1/2 hours today!
As mentioned last week, the Charlotte potatoes are ready to go in, you can see the short stubby green shoots that are produced from chitting in a light but cool place.
So now I've planted the Charlotte's we now have 6 rows of early potatoes in the ground. As they grow I'll earth them up, watch this space.
While clearing another patch I remembered we still had a few Kerrs Pink in the ground, so I dug them up before they started to grow again.

As the title suggests it was a nice sunny day, still a little chilly, but no rain for a change. 

Might get a chance to return tomorrow.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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